D.C., Maryland madness winding down

During my past two weeks commuting on the Metro subway from Bethesda to Washington, I have been fortunate enough to miss really crowded rush-hour crowds. Not so today. I squeezed onto the Red Line at Union Station but after a couple of stops was able to grab a seat for the rest of my ride. The train was pretty packed all the way from D.C. out to Bethesda. And I said, oh how glad I am I don’t live here.

My class wraps up tomorrow and I am flying back to Beaumont via Houston around noon on Friday. It only occurred a couple of days ago that I actually know a few people in the metro D.C. area. I e-mailed them. Unfortunately, Jackie is in New Zealand and Mary has to work. I will likely be returning sometime later this year, provided all goes well with my work.

Just a comment about national news, in particular Don “Ignor” Imus. I don’t see why it is such news that Imus is a boorish jackass. I don’t know if he is racist but he certainly talks and acts like a jackass, so I guess he passes the duck test (if it walks like a duck … )

Imus has a pattern of making stupid remarks. The last gaffe made on his show that I remember before this latest one was made by executive producer, Bernard McGuirk. He was also involved in the ridiculous dialogue with Imus about the Rutgers womens’ basketball team.

The asshole McGuirk said upon the release of freelance reporter Jill Carroll after her kidnapping by Iraqi extremists that Carroll was the:

” … kind of woman who would wear one of those suicide vests, sneak into the Green Zone” “

It shouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong way because I expect this kind of stupid banter out of the likes of people who live for nothing else but ratings. But it did. Carroll wasn’t doing anything but her job, just like the Rutgers women’s team.

Within the last hour or so, NBC Universal said it will no longer simulcast the Ignorimus radio show. I say good riddance.

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