Daylight Savings Time. Time to sleep.

It is best that today was an off day for me at work. The time change really kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry, it’s like some type of temporary narcolepsy.

The time change to Daylight Savings Time received quite a bit of press this weekend. A good bit of it was bad. The time change had all sorts of negative reaction which are brought out like more heart attacks and traffic accidents happening. The morning after reading that I woke up around six and tossed and turned until about 9:30, only to realize after waking up that it was Saturday morning and not Sunday when DST began. I got several pains in what felt like my chest but rolling over my back made me realize that it was my ever bothersome neck for which I am treated with methadone for pain. It helps but it mainly keeps the severe pain away. I have some kind of referred pain from my worn out neck discs and adjacent bone spurs that can sometimes feel as if it is shooting right through the middle of my chest. I have had these pains since before my second neck surgery 12 years ago. It makes for tricky self-diagnoses.

So, actually I got a lot going on and I really don’t need to be seeing news like this. Besides, the study was done on hospital admissions in Sweden. Sweden?, Okay.

Ooopps. I took a 20-second power nap.

Of course, I know folks got to fill the news hole. And it isn’t just “to sell more papers.” It is to sell more advertising. It was kind of like the lady who called me up at my last newspaper. She was complaining about something — what else? — she made a demanding remark that “you work for me.” Now unless she was one of the billionaire sisters who ran the company who owned the paper of the time, she was dead¬† wrong.¬† I explained. “No ma’am. I work for Blahblah Nissan Dodge dealership or the Jawjaw Furniture Store or one of the stores which bring in the big bucks of advertising.”

I am sure the lady didn’t like it. My editor would not have been pleased either. But sometimes you just had to let things go where they were supposed to go, just like the after effects of Daylight Savings Time. I’ll wake up in a few days, alert and ready to ride.

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