Debate, shebate, let's call the whole thing off

Barack and his hero.
The debate is going strong. I don’t know what either Obama or McCain are talking about. Blah, blah, blah. Barack says: “Solar, wind, we have to fix our health care system, by solar and wind. We’ve got to make sure we are competing in education. China had a space launch and space walk … ” I’m sure I left out a few words here and there.

John and his hero. Here’s Johnny: “It’s hard to reach that far left across the aisle. (John makes a funny). We made a littoral combat ship. We need very badly to understand that defense spending is … get the cost runs out of control. I saved the taxpayers $6.8 billion … and people ended up in federal prison … “

Jim Lerher: “Neither one of you have a lick of sense. Bend over so I can kick you both in the ass. Jeez Louise! What a bunch of horses**t … “

I wonder if Monk is on?

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