Digits up

This afternoon I am boning up (pun intended)on hands. The primary reason is that a hand specialist (yes there are doctors who specialize in hands)told me that my ongoing thumb problem was a result of Stage 2 basal joint (thumb)arthritis. The tumble I took awhile back exacerbated the ongoing problems with pain, the doctor told me.

Like other osteoarthritic conditions this particular one is progressive and could eventually necessitate a joint replacement. Hopefully that is a ways away and right now I am wearing a nifty little thumb splint that was custom made by the bone and joint clinic.

I am unable to link at the moment but www.handuniversity.com (for real) has a lot of great information about hands and the like including great little pictures of joints with silicone joint replacements. So I guess if you get a basal joint replacement it’s called a “thumb job?” May be.

Once again, the Internet provides a great way to spend a Friday afternoon as I learn ever more about my infirmities. It sure beats sitting at home watching the “all-election-all-the-time” playing on cable. Why don’t we hold the elections on Labor Day and just get the damn thing over? I like politics as much as the next person but it just is getting to be a little too much.

Okay. That was my rant for the day.

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