Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. … Justified.

Since I have learned that what I write may end up who knows where — be it here, for Facebook, or on bathroom walls — I have found that it isn’t a very good idea to compose something when you are drunk or mad or both. I am not drunk right now, nor particularly mad although that doesn’t mean both states are impossible to attain.

I felt I should write something as that is the whole reason for this exercise. One of these days I shall decide whether I should write on the Web, strictly for money, as a mind-to-finger-to-mind exercise, or all of it. My part-time job has taken on more of a full-time feel even though I get paid far from full-time and on a much less consistent basis. Then, there is the whole pain thing. Hopefully, some day I will find out whether anything can heal me or nothing but the state of disability.

This mind o’ mine has a lot to think about, and more. So, I think I will get ready to watch “Justified.” It’s a really great show.



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