Don’t give a hoot, reboot!

It just doesn’t pay to write anything at the end of work day when one minute after the next turns to s**t. Of course, these days, it doesn’t pay me to write anything period.  I can fix the latter or someone can help me, but the former is not always as easy to repair, if at all. I hate to say to be trite and try to avoid lingo, but rebooting seems like a good option.

I have fixed more computers by restarting them than all the tech support people and computer repair folks I have encountered ever helped me try to get a machine up and running properly. For those who, for whatever reason, don’t follow me perhaps because of chronology I liken it to the old-time notion of fixing things by taking a hammer to a piece of machinery and knocking the living hell of out of it.

These days everything is so fragile, of course, so you normally wouldn’t want to do that to a box of plastic and tiny integrated circuits which cost thousands of dollars and store who knows how many megabytes of your life on it, even though it might temporarily make you feel better.

Thus, I’ll be pressing restart sometime later tonight and hope the damn thing works in the morning.