Dude, you got enough weapons?

Our big news this evening is a shootout some goober had with the police about noon. James Hughes, 38, of neighboring Orange County, Texas, ran a drug checkpoint the cops had set up off Interstate 10 for whatever reason. After leading police on a chase he ended up in a residential neighborhood outside of Beaumont and conducted an old fashioned shootout with police. Fortunately, the cops were a better shot. Hughes died at a local hospital.

KFDM-TV 6 reported Hughes seemed to be ready to personally take on Al-Quida. They said that in addition to the AR-15 semi-auto rifle Hughes was firing at police, he also had in his possession:

“a .308 Cal. rifle with a bayonet attached, a .30 Cal. rifle, three revolvers and a .357 semi-automatic handgun. All were loaded. ATF agents found ammunition in the duffel bags, as well as military paraphernalia including maps, meals-ready-to eat, and clothing. Hughes was wearing camouflage clothing.”

Apparently the camouflage didn’t work so well. I guess it’s a little late for a refund.

In addition to being ready for battle, KFDM reported Hughes also was in possession of conservative humorist P.J. O’Rourke’s “Peace Kills: America’s Fun New Imperialism.” Here is what O’Rourke’s publisher has to say about the book.

“Imperialism has never been so funny. ‘Americans hate foreign policy,’ says O’Rourke. ‘Americans hate foreign policy because Americans hate foreigners. Americans hate foreigners because Americans are foreigners… Being foreigners ourselves, we know what foreigners are up to with their venomous convents, lying alliances, greedy agreements, and trick-or-treaties.’ And yet America cannot ignore the world. ‘Our previous attempts at isolationism were successful,’ says O’Rourke. ‘Unfortunately they were successful for Hitler’s Germany and Tojo’s Japan.'”

Hey, I happen to like O’Rourke regardless of his politics. Some people just can’t take a joke.

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