Enemy mime

Speak up
will you?

At some point in my life, I came to despise mimes. Yes, I admit to being a mime-hater. But I am not a mime bigot. I think mimes have the right to do whatever they want and I won’t raise a fuss about them doing it. I also don’t discriminate against mimes. But, well if hate is too deep a word, I will just say that I despise them and have for a long time.

Pantomime can be okay and even funny. Comic Red Skelton used to perform pantomime on his TV show back in the 1960s. But pantomime was certainly not the funniest sketches on Skelton’s show.

Probably I just see mimes as being kind of annoying. It’s like many of them I have seen like to convert you to mimeism, which is probably not a word. The word “mime” does have a number of different interpretations as you can see in Dictionary.com. I certainly don’t know much about the ” … ancient Greek or Roman farce that depended for effect largely upon ludicrous actions and gestures.” I am sure it was something to do back then when there was no television or if you weren’t doing other Greek or Roman things.

I sometimes feel bad about my dislike of mimes. I shouldn’t be so hard on people who like and perform their art forms. But, the feeling usually passes.

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