Fall forward, spring down, winter under, summer over

Is global warming turning the continent purple, green, red and yellow?

Actually, the colors on the map above do not accurately indicate what is going on here although I am sure you are astute enough to know that. They merely are infrared images layered upon a weather satellite photo from a couple of hours ago. NOAA — the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — says these colors mean something but I am not entirely sure what. What is important to know is that a cold front has just swept on top of us here in Southeast Texas for our first taste of cool fall weather this year.

The Weather Bug doodad on my computer said the temperature is 59.9 degrees at St. Anne’s Catholic School, about a mile or so away. In the meantime it is 62 degrees with heavy rain/fog/mist at the Jefferson County Airport some 15 miles south of town. What does it all mean? Well, perhaps it means that like an aging troubadour, weather creeps along leaving behind its chilly tunes. Huh. So that’s what it means?

It is actually nice having the temperatures cool a bit even though this hasn’t been anywhere near a hot summer of the kind we sometimes have here. But taking the good with the bad there surely will be some colder days ahead before spring sneaks into the kitchen for a midnight glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies, all of which for this area will probably occur in late January.

Fall has fallen. It’s time to button up, cover up, zip up, snap up, or whatever up you might have on hand. Now is the time to wait for the trees to turn colors for the two weeks before winter begins. The Gulf Coast: It is an acquired taste.

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