From the DeBakey Center to DC, our veterans deserve better than what we’re getting from the VA

Normally, I don’t do this, but today I went off on the Democratic Party.

The party sent me a message saying we should thank our veterans. Naturally, I don’t have any problem with that. But I wrote back a message that they wanted me to share with the veterans so here it is, that we should really thank them. One way to do that is to stop the arrogance that has seemingly become institutionalized at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Yes, I have my problems with them and tomorrow I go back to the neurologist at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Center in Houston to see if this new doctor can do anything. I know the last “neurologist” — a resident — sure as hell didn’t do much except piss me off.

Over the past several years the VA has done nothing for my often crippling condition except for providing false diagnoses and say there is nothing they can do. There is this doctor who supposedly runs the VA pain clinic and doesn’t know my case from Adam’s. But he knows I need to be taken off methadone, the only thing keeping my neck pain in check and preventing me from being a total physical wreck. Hey Doc, it’s my lower back that hurts. The methadone mostly helps my neck. Now you want to get me off of it because there is some kind of national jihad against opiods. Little Jack and Jill, best teens ever, go out and get wasted on Oxy, and do too much and die. Yeah, well sorry for your loss. But I don’t get high on methadone. It doesn’t space me out like the Vicodin and Tramadol the VA had me on 24/7. It enabled me to make what living I have been able to make.

Today I got a response as well from an appeal of a copayment waiver request I made. I guess I’m just too freaking rich for the VA to give me a break on copayments of prescription drugs. Here is what the VA’s letter said as a reason for their denial:

“The following information was influential in this decision:

–No additional appeal information submitted that would substantiate a decision change.”

I’m not kidding. They basically said we don’t have to tell you jack and there is no reason to ask again. Thank a veteran. Give him money to go elsewhere for health care.

The VA has established these regional “consolidated patient care centers” or CPACs where these anonymous bureaucrats make decisions on veterans’ health care. These are the men behind the curtain. They’ve got their call centers where people tell you crap just to get rid of you, just as if you were talking to Verizon or Time Warner.

This is the people who take care of you, your Dad, your brother, your sister, your grandpa. The VA is supposed to help people who were starved as Japanese POWs in World War II, or got blew up by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan or Iraq, or stepped on a mine in Vietnam, or maybe they weren’t in a war but they served at a time when everyone else was partying and getting high on Panama Red or mushrooms and having all that free sex. But those who served at the latter time did so because someone had to do it. Where’s their parade? Where’s my parade? By the way, I went to boot camp with hair down to my shoulders and got it all cut off. Then out on boot camp liberty in Wisconsin, all these people around my age looked at me like a leper. Hey, we weren’t in a war, we must’ve been doing something right.

So, this is why I went off on the Democrats today. Sorry, you just caught me on a bad day. It’s a bad day brought to you by the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was hoping you would make the VA better Gen. Shinseki. I am sorely disappointed.