Get me outta here! Home from the hospital

It is good to be back home after nearly a week in the Houston VA hospital.

Here, where I call home for the time being, I don’t have someone coming in every couple hours checking my blood sugar. I don’t have someone coming in three or four times a day checking my vitals. I don’t have alarms going off on my CPAP machine or from an adjacent room. I can take my medicine on my routine and not that of a nurse. Although I can’t adjust my bed to make it and me sit in an upward position, I do have a bed that is not the world’s most uncomfortable. Likewise, I don’t have an attending physician followed by a flock of some half-dozen residents taking their time feeling and handling things of mine that I would rather they not handle. Oh, and even though the VA had some really nice people who bring your meals,  I now can get a meal myself that tastes good or at least is not tasteless.

I also know that diseases such as strep and staph infections can be found just about anywhere out there in the world and they can be a pain in places worse than the butt. But hospitals these days are breeding grounds for infectious diseases. It would come as no surprise to me that this infection, which I hope is now on the down side, came from that very hospital. It seems I have to go there for something every month or perhaps twice a month.

One of my doctors said what is the best circumstance was to get the treatment I need and get out of the hospital as soon as possible. He was referring to the additional infections to which I could become exposed. I said it sounded like good advice.

So here I am. It may not be the best circumstance overall but it is the best one I can think of at the moment.