Give me that old time religion

Anything is better than what these lunatics are spewing from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas (what IS it with Kansas anyway?)whom I mentioned earlier. They are protesting at funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq, saying that God is punishing them for defending homosexuals in the U.S.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be astonished, but I really was when I looked at the church’s Web site which is (of course) named The Web site had a notice of a planned picket today for the funeral of Army Spc. Darren D. Howe in Beatrice, Neb., who was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb or IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Here is what our so-called “Christian” friends had to say about it:

“Thank God for IEDs. God Himself has not become America’s terrorist, killing Americans in strange lands.”

These people are just freaking insane. If I still attended the Baptist church as I did in my youth, I would encourage my fellow Baptists to sue the hell out of these people for using the Baptist name. Baptist my ass! Apparently these assholes didn’t get the message about “Love thy neighbor.”

Read more about this fun bunch.

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