Give us your tired, your poor, your tacos

There is mucho weeping, wailing and the gnashing of dientes in the wake of the Senate immigration bill collapsing like a cheap pinata.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., has been one of the critics of any immigration reform that would result in what he terms as “amnesty.” Thus he voted against Thursday’s measure.

“Our analysis was that it would result in 8.7 million more people in the next 20 years here illegally,” said the Alabama senator, adding, “There just aren’t that many American power-washing and roofing jobs to take in the additional influx. Maybe the Mexicans should find themselves a new niche like the Pakistanis and their convenience stores.”

CNN’s Lou Dobbs wept with joy when he heard the reform package fails. He is an advocate for rounding up all 12-20 million illegal immigrants in the United States and throwing them out of airplanes over the Indian Ocean. Dobbs said he hopes at the very least that Congress will pass legislation that will fund building a fence made of steel 1-foot thick and 300 feet tall around the entire boundary of the continental United States. Not only does this include the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada but those bordered by oceans and gulfs as well.

Immigration reform is a very big issue in America at the moment. Laura Ingraham said so this very morning on her popular talk radio show “Bludgeon the Bleeding Heart Liberals.”

A caller from Georgia to Ingraham’s show said the immigration problem is causing her to have irregular menstrual periods. Another caller said the influx of brown men and women across the border is responsible for his genital herpes.

It seems that 80 percent of the country is sitting around each day consumed in thoughts of how bad the illegal immigration situation truly is.

Jean Smaltzer, a woman on the street in Anywhere, U.S.A., said the one byproduct of the illegal immigration is that tacos are now the cheapest food in the nation. The glut is causing Taco Bell to give away their tacos. A Taco Bell spokesman said the company plans to concentrate on selling coffee from mall kiosks.

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