Going back to the Island, and the Peninsula

It would take considerable space to say just how much I enjoyed my long “double-nickle” birthday in Galveston, hanging out with some great, extremely fun people whom it is so  complicated to explain how we got together that I just will not do so. So, I will leave that alone as it is.

Nonetheless, it was encouraging cruising through the Bolivar Peninsula and taking the ferry over to the island. This was my first visit back to the peninsula and island since Hurricane Ike came and did considerable damage to the area. It just about wiped much on Bolivar off the map.

But seeing the newer, higher-elevated houses “shoosting up in the sky,” as Mrs. Douglass used to say on “Green Acres,” made me feel somewhat more hopeful for Crystal Beach and other resort areas. I was sorry to see some old friends’ beach house not there anymore. A lot of memories for their family and for me are gone. I did see a mobile home built quite a ways up on stilts. A lack of deed restrictions there must have been at work.

Galveston has its blank spots around town but it seems to be bouncing back.

All in all, it was great to be at the beach. The condos  on the East Beach of Galveston where we stayed were very nice. This is the time of year to visit a resort there. The atmosphere and the weather couldn’t have been much better.

I was disappointed that more eating places were not yet built back on Bolivar but I found a very nice little place on the way home, one built around a trailer called the Fanta Sea Grill which is in sight of Rollover Pass — also still there because of local folks who know an honorable venue when they sea one even though the state wants to destroy it . They have some “gourmet burgers” at greasy spoon prices. The burgers are cooked to perfection and the home fries are hot. Of course, there is much more on which to munch at the Fanta Sea.  There is a little shed where customers can dine under and miss the thunder-boomers that pop up quite regularly in these parts. Best of all, Warren and Pam Adams who run the place, seem as nice as can be and will make sure you don’t go away hungry.

I recommend it if you are rolling along on Bolivar  Peninsula. Be sure to call first because to find out the hours they are open because they aren’t open every day.

Fanta Sea Grill

1950 Hwy. 87

Gilchrist, Tx 77617