Government in the machine

Harriet Miers as a young girl admiring the president. And Toto too.

Norm had an entertaining idea. No, not Norm from Cheers, Norm from the American Enterprise Institute. Maybe he was joking and maybe he wasn’t in his piece for Huff Po today in which he laid out this scenario: Cheney would resign as VP. GW would appoint GHW Bush as VP. GW would then resign. President GHW Bush would then appoint his new pal Bill Clinton. Entertaining? Yes. Reinventing the wheel? Yes. I don’t think that would be a very good idea at all.

Perhaps the time has come in our republic that we put our government on autopilot. We could dissolve all three branches and have this big Rube Goldberg-looking machine in the Oval Office. Perhaps it could even spit fire like the Wizard’s ruse.

The machine could be programmed with witty and insightful sayings. It would be right up the White House press corps’ alley. Every four years the country could decide whether we should keep the machine or put real people back into our government in order to totally screw up our lives. I’m talking about real conservatism here. The government that governs least? Why the machine wouldn’t govern at all.

Could a machine be any worse that our own band of misfits who run our federal government? I think not.

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