Happy birthday Bill Gates

I just blew into town ahead of the cold front with its alleged heavy rains and possibly gusty winds and having finished a burger at the local Internet(s) cafe I need to make this quick as I only get an hour’s free usage with lunch. Cheap? No, just still not the world’s wealthiest man. However, I did read today that I share the exact birthday as Bill Gates. Perhaps next birthday he will send me a used Cessna Citation or a million dollars or both.

The colonoscopy went fine this morning. It was fine in that nothing unexpected or even mildly dangerous was found. The source of the GI bleeding was from one of those uncomfortable little clumps of swollen veins and tissues which pile on the agony from time-to-time, so to speak. I must admit looking up close and personal with your colon is a rather dazzling experience. I guess you could call it “gut spelunking.” The doctor who performed the exam said I had a rather long colon so I guess it is safe to say that I a) Have a lot of guts and/or b) Possess no semicolon. So sue me.

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