Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy

Thanks to all the folks who sent the wonderful Christmas cards. Perhaps if I had the $208 award owed me by my part-time U.S. guv employers now on hold until we have more than just a concurrent resolution of a budget I might have sent some out. If that is difficult reading I am sorry. I am trying to conserve commas. I just about ran out of semicolons today and that is something no one who writes ever wants to experience.

Did you know that those mean old politically correct Grinches are trying to take away Christmas. Oh sorry I am also conserving on question marks. Maybe if there is some kind of a major catastrophe I can trade question marks for toilet paper. But for reasons I would rather not disclose it does not seem that my supply of toilet paper will ever run out.

Oh yes. Because some people hear other people say Happy Holidays they think they are dissing the birth of Jesus Christ. It has to be CHRISTmas or nothing else. Seems what I have read about the man that Mr. Christ  became after his heralded birth it does not at all seem as if he would like to be the center of all this controversy where none really exists. If you search the Bible for the word “humility” it or something like it you will see it popping up all  over the place. Here a humble servant there a humble servant everywhere a humble servant:

It is better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud. (Proverbs 16:19).

I am NOT saving colons at this time in case you have not caught on to this.

Perhaps I have been wrong in thinking all these years that the phrase “Happy Holidays” means for someone to have both a happy Christmas and a happy New Year.  You see a lot about “the reason for the Season.” That is fine. But there is also reason to celebrate a new year. Perhaps that is not wired into your particular brand of Christianity but I know plenty of Christians who celebrate New Year’s.

So don’t worry we are NOT taking away your Christmas. We are merely hording our commas and question marks. I hope that answers your questions. That is my personal phrase for the day.