Have mercy. Been ridin’ on the bus all day …

This is Post #2,400 for the ol’ EF’enD. But no time to celebrate boys and girls, cause I got a bus to catch. Tomorrow. Going to Dallas on that ol’ Greyhound. That means a ride from Beaumont->Houston->Dallas–>Catch that ol’ DART Red Line light rail to Arapaho station–>Then catch a ride with my amigo to Frisco. Hot Damn (or not.) What that means is I will be sitting on my ass a lot tomorrow. Start the music boys:


No infringement is meant here. First and last, if you don’t have this album, go out and get it. I mean the vinyl. Doesn’t matter even if it’s scratched up a little, in fact, that’s the way it should be played. And loud. Make the fine China dance up and down on the dinner table of those pretentious metrosexual assholes upstairs above you.

This song reminds me of my younger days. A long-haired punk riding the bus to the AFEES in Houston for a physical for the Navy and a ride back to Kirbyville where somebody picked us up. Oh I’d be back to that old AFEES, entertain the thought of going AWOL to see Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, but go ahead anyway, crawl in a big yellow taxi for Houston Intercontinental Airport, now known as Bush Intercontinental, for Old Man Bush.

Riding the bus all day or waiting for the bus all day. One kind of blends into another. That’s why this “Waiting for the Bus All Day,” by ZZ Top, which merges effortlessly into “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” is so appropriate for the po’ man traveler. Nowadays, you have to be really broke (which I am at the moment) or you are some kind of nut, and or outlaw, to ride the bus.

ZZ Top’s been with me for 40 years or more. They sing a kind of multi-racial blues that black, white, brown, it doesn’t matter, you know?

So here is to ZZ Top and to that long bus ride tomorrow.