He spellzem as he seesem

Sorry that it has taken more than 90 minutes to correct the spelling of “epiphany” in my last post. I could have just as easily said: “Hey, I just thought of something pretty wonderful that I hadn’t thought of before!” But nooooooooo. I had to use epiphany in order to sound like something really major happened. As in: “I just had an epiphany, get a crash cart!” Or, “I just had an epiphany. It wasn’t bad but it could have been cooked a little better.”

Actually, I started to correct the mizpellzement as soon as I had seen her in her oh so short skirt doing The Hustle. (Huh?) But as I hit the button to publish I was blinded by a brilliant light that evidently originated from Planet Blogger. A big sign then arose and said: “Cool thy jets.” About that time a work thing came up, followed by a trip to the supermarket, lunch and getting the red beans boiling. Yes, smartass, in that order. Then I checked my blog’s dashboard and it said that I spellzed epiphany the Wright way but my blog page said something different. So I said: “Crap.” Then I finally published the correct spellingzzz of epiphany an hour and a half later.

That is what I’m talking about.

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