Hmm, where are the buttons

When blogging from the public library, one never knows what one will get (or not). What I am not getting on my Blogger template are the little buttons which help me perform certain tasks such as making text BOLD or ITALIC, spell check or upload a photo. So I can’t put up some picture that is cool, uncool, totally lame, whatever.

Therefore, I’ll just make a couple of comments about the big news of the day.

Big News Uno: Paris Hilton. Sorry I can’t link anything either because, once again, no buttons.

Everybody and their dog is outraged that Paris was released from jail after spending only a couple of days. By the way, I can’t link it, but if you want to see her booking information, go to and click on “Inmate Information” and then type in last name first, etc.

I suppose people are upset that someone with the vast sums of money and fame that Paris has can get out of jail at the drop of a hat (or a million bucks.) Well, it’s not like she is the only person who can get sprung from jail early or not even have to go in the first place. Many people escape the slammer because they know someone or they know someone who knows someone. It’s happened to me before. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

“But that’s just not fair!” you whine.

It isn’t fair but life isn’t fair. Let’s see how you act when they come drag your ass to jail.

Numero Two-o: Immigration reform. Or lack thereof.

What I can’t understand are the people who are so much anti- “amnesty.” These are your people like CNN’s Lou Dobbs or U.S. Rep. and GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo of Colorado. What I’ve not heard is what they propose to do with some 12 million or more (or less)illegal aliens.

How long would it take to round up 12 million people, send them through legal proceedings and detain them until they are driven or flown back to their original country? How much would that cost? A lot of refritos I would bet. And what if, say 5 or 10 million didn’t want to come along peaceably? Then what? Our military happens to be very busy at the moment. What is the option then beside accomodating them somehow within our country? Let the patriots shoot them down like dogs? That would really go over well, both at home and abroad.

Okay. I’ve said my piece. It’s onward and upward.

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