Hotter than Dallas

Do you see the little graphic to the left? It is what the National Weather Service uses to illustrate the forecast for tomorrow in Arlington, Texas. There are also more of these symbols. One  is for this afternoon, another for Sunday and still another for Monday.

It means that the temp is going to be hotter ‘n hell. Hotter than a $2 pistol. Hot enough to fry a construction worker on the sidewalk holding an egg in one hand and Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage in the other.

I mention this for Arlington is where I am going this weekend. Why? Is it not hot enough where I live 45 miles north of Sabine Pass, Texas? Well, it will be hot in Beaumont. This is, after all, mid-July. But there will be a slight chance of thunderstorms and not nearly as hot as in North Central Texas.

My mind usually equates North Central Texas with heat and big thunderstorms and hail. I once saw a storm rain down baseball-sized hail and left the ground in April look as if a blizzard had come through. Oh, the winters are cold there too. I’ve lived in several places in Central and North Central Texas for various periods of time and found the weather is most disagreeable with me.

But I am going to visit some old college friends. These friends were educated, as I  was at the “School of Steve” or “Steve  U.” a.k.a. Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, By God, Texas. So I know my friends are smart enough to have plenty of air conditioning. Thank goodness. Because it’s going to get hot I tell you.