How do I dislike thee? Let me count the ways.

Just as it is hard to list my friends in the order of whom I like best or ranking the songs I like best, it is difficult for me to list in order those right-wing talking heads that I want to choke. It is difficult but not impossible.

Now you might think Bill “The Loofah Man” O’Reilly heads the top of my list just because I have posted his picture. Nope. That’s not true. I actually placed his photo on the page due to the fact that if I posted a picture of those I dislike more than him I might just go quite insane (more insane, I suppose is the right terminology).

My list is not limited to radio or TV talk show hosts. It also includes columnists and frequent right-wing guests on talk programs.

So now, the drum roll please:

10. Neal Boortz
9. Kate O’Beirne
8. Robert Novak
7. Bill Bennett
6. Dick Morris
5. Bill O’Reilly
4. Rush Limbaugh
3. Sean Hannity
2. Michelle Malkin
1. Ann Coulter

There you have it. My list is filled with enough hate and negativity to blow up several planets. And I must explain that my dislike does not particularly stem from the politics of those on the list. You can be a Republican or Democrat or Whig or Communist and still be my friend. You will not be favored by me if you are a hate-mongering, racist, megalomaniac propagandist like most of those I have listed. So now you know who I won’t be listening to or reading. I’m sure that was a riveting five seconds of your life that you won’t get back.

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