How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You may or may not notice the tiny site counter I have stuck in the right-hand sidebar. It is from StatCounter (click it and it will take you there but wait until you read what I’ve got to say first since I have you here).

If the statistics from StatCounter are to believed it could be a pretty useful three or four minutes of my time that I spent setting it up. If the data is faulty, who cares, right? The numbers listed on the blog are those page impressions made since I first signed up for StatCounter on July 8. The counter folks provide a personal site that goes into detail about visits to my blog. As of 1:40 p.m. CDT, according to StatCounter:

I’ve had 170 page loads since 7/8/05
I’ve had 56 unique visitors
I’ve had 24 first-time visitors
I’ve had 32 returning visitors.

What does this mean? Beats me. I’ve read how counters are notoriously unreliable and it really doesn’t mean a whole lot to me at this stage. After all, I’m just doing this blog to amuse myself, my friends and whomever wants to join in the fun. If I started getting serious numbers of visitors I probably would have to find a way to make money doing this and work is such an unattractive concept, at least while it is still summer. Just kidding. Sort of.

Statistics can be fun as long as they work for you and not against you. Counting how many page impressions I have on my blog is just something to do. Tomorrow the counter might be gone. Or tomorrow I might be in a witness relocation program. You just don’t know everything that might happen. What fun would it be if you did?

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