I couldn't be Ann Coulter

Ann and the Rev. Al Sharpton as in my visions of Hell. Posted by Hello

I took the light rail from the George Bush Turnpike around Richardson to Dallas’ West End today for no particular reason. It just seemed like the thing to do. Going into a major city gives you a big shot of reality juice. You see people who have problems that make your own (unemployment, unemployment, unemployment)seem less weighty. I could be that guy that came up to me who was deaf. He had scribbled on a card that he was asking for change. I could be that blind woman whose son wheeled her onto the train in her wheelchair. Well, I couldn’t be a woman without quite a bit of fixing up. But, I could even be, God forbid, a Republican!!!

Oh have a sense of humor. After all, Ann Coulter supposedly is funny when she emasculates Democrats.

I don’t know, Ann Coulter is a very scary person to me. She is a reasonably attractive woman, apparently pretty bright, but she acts LIKE A MAN! She is a either a vicious man trapped inside a woman’s body or else she’s one of the boys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But really, how could any man date Ann Coulter without thinking he is going out with a better looking shell of Rush Limbaugh? Tomboys can be cute, when they’re 6 or 7. Ann is considerably older than that.

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