I don't really know, but I told you so about Robert Gibbs

See! I told you so. I told you that White House Press Secretary Robert “I’m A Loser” Gibbs was making a terrible mistake when he said it looked as if the Democrats would lose the House during the November mid-term elections. It was a gaffe! Just as I told you so. Actually, that is not what I told you at all.

Just as one shouldn’t write under the influence of alcohol or drugs, although Edgar Allen Poe sure gave it the old Baltimore try, one shouldn’t write under the influence of pain. Unfortunately, I do that sometime. What is even worse, I write under the influence of pain, mostly without telling anyone. All kinds profundities appear and why would that happen?

There are times that I may write something¬† such as “much to my chagrin” and I write it just because it is easier to write a cliche than it is to think and explain what one is actually trying to say. I have no idea what “much to my chagrin” means. It don’t mean much to me, but it means much to my chagrin. My little pet chagrin that I keep in a cage with its tiny little wheel.

No. I am lying. I know what “much to my chagrin” means. I was just trying to fool the reader into thinking I was coming clean after years of writing like I know what I am doing. But I really know what I am doing. I just don’t want the reader to know that all the time so I can lure that person into my web of comfort. To let them feel, for just one moment, like they are much more superior to this person writing this garbage. Why would I do that? I haven’t the clue.Well, yes, I actually do. You see, I am a habitual liar. No I’m not. I just lied about being a liar so I could confuse the reader. And why in the world would I want to confuse the reader, the person who reads my words?

Beats me. Much to my chagrin.