I don’t want to say “I told you so,” about Trump. But really, I do

One sentence said again and again by the supporters of our new co-presidency of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin really chaps my hind quarters. You guess it, it is that damned “get over it.”

I still say there is something wrong in our country when the losing presidential candidate garners something close to 3 million votes ahead of Trump. Just “joking”” about the co-presidency. Sorta kinda.

This country already had one election in recent times stolen by the Republicans and the Supreme Court.

Make no mistake about it, the Hillary Clinton team appeared clueless when the results came pouring in for that Super Comb-over Orangutan.

The Clinton campaign could never win over the barrage from the Republicans and the media in what former Democratic primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., called “those damned e-mails.”

Trump was able to fly into cities and fill up an arena so the angry white voters could be led into a frenzy by Trump and his continual lies.

But while the Clinton team have themselves to blame, that blame can be passed around as well to FBI Director James Comey, Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks, and Vladimir Putin.

So for you people who say the Democrats should stop whining about the election, the Republicans need to stop their whining about the Democrats. All the noble GOP-ers have called for unity now that Trump  has  finally secured the votes by the Electoral College.

Trump is a classless swine who is being played by Vladimir Putin and is being looked upon by our nation’s enemies as their gift from wherever.

I was not very prescient concerning my presidential predictions. Hell, I was way, way out there. I never expected that ass to win the presidency. I don’t think, however, that Trump will have an easy ride. We really should worry about what Trump tweets or what happens when is awakened at, whatever time he sleeps. I am sure no one will mind if he snorts some coke to help him make it through the day. Of course, if you are black and are caught with a tiny amount of any drug their asses will go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I think Trump and his group of millionaires and generals will turn out immaculately attired, but when it comes to running a nation they have a lot to prove.

I don’t believe that if Trump fails, America fails. It all depends on context. I hope for the sake of our nation that he doesn’t fail at something which is a life or death decision. I hope he doesn’t screw up our economy. Of course, he is inheriting a great economic situation despite what Trump or his minions, and those who are under the Trump spell, say.

But should this fruit cake mess up royalty, to the point of impeachment, or worse. Please my Republican friends, don’t whine about the Trumpster. It would just be too much fun to say “I told you so.”