I love me some sarcasm

My post about Gee Dubya’s talk today on the economic situation was just about finished when it somehow disappeared within a blink of an eye. Therefore, the shortened version is that I was being sarcastic (I hardly ever am)about the president’s ideas to produce more oil and gas. For example, I said that Bush said we should drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, something he hardly ever mentions. And he said drilling there could help us produce as much as 27 million gallons of gasoline and diesel a day. And I said even more sarcastically (as I hardly ever am)that the gas might even be produced before most of us die and that at least our hearses might not run out of gas on the trip to the graveyard. Ha. Ha. What a kidder I am. Not to mention being narcissistic.

Oh yeah, I looked at a copy of my VA medical record the other day only to find that I had been diagnosed as having a narcissistic personality disorder. Who in the hell wrote that down, my most recent ex-girlfriend? I mean, can these doctors just write down whatever the duck they want? Just because I think I am the center of the universe shouldn’t give the docs a reason to believe that I, or “me, me, me, me,” as my most recent ex described me, am narcissistic.

Whatever. Perhaps to trip them up, the next time I visit the doctors I will go on about how much I dislike myself and wait to see from the records as if I am written up as having a split personality. Hey, after all it’s only my life and sanity being jacked with.

Feet note: I am in the library and this crazy computer system is not letting me see any of the Blogger tools such as those for linking and spell checking, so if one mispeeling gets by me ples fergoove mi.

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