I must be psychic

“Just wait,” daydreams Alito, “It won’t be long before Bush becomes MY bitch.”

Do you remember recently when I told you the next pick GW made for Supreme Court justice was sure not to please everyone? You don’t remember? Well, I did make such a prediction and that forecast was realized this Monday morning with the rancor of a rehashed passed interference call from some crappy, NFL game the day before.

Appeals court judge Samuel Alito, affectionately called ‘Scalito’ or ‘Scalia-lite’ with reference to ultra conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, seems destined to make the right-wingers dance in the streets with glee while the Dems break out their voodoo dolls and summon the spirit of M.M. O’Hair. The confirmation fight is going to get nasty, I predict, as it should.

I mean, the world just seemed to be tilting the wrong direction on its axis with Harriet Miers. The Democrats were content to not bitch about her nomination while the Bible-beating conservatives ate their young. A course correction was made by GW’s bunch by over-correcting. Yet again our governmental geniuses keep forgetting the past.

Both Democratic and Republican partisans apparently either flunk history or ignore it completely as a legitimate subject. The right may get their man and he may go on to help “win” some of the battles in what is ridiculously termed the “culture wars.” But the minority of fundamentalists are not going to be in charge forever and neither is the Republican Party. And possibly, neither will the Democratic Party when the people get tired of the Republicans. The pendulum eventually swings. It’s inevitable, like death and the little guy getting screwed.

So the stage is set for another political drama. Let it happen! Bring it on! Let that boy boogie woogie!

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