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Here I am after another substantial Friday morning breakfast at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church of Beaumont, Texas, for the street and/or needy folks. I have been agnostic for quite sometime and remain so but going to these feeds at religious institutions for those like myself who are down on their luck kind of brightens my day. I see people who seem genuinely happy helping others and it takes a little of the focus off my worries and feeling sorry for myself. That is, for a little while at least.

This week I went for the first time to the regular inner-city ministry held at 6:15 p.m. Wednesdays at the First Baptist Church of Beaumont. It was a great feed for the needy and featured a swarm of people who were there — old and young — to greet you like a long-lost uncle or aunt. There was also some of the old-time “go God beat ol’ Scratch” type preaching which used to annoy me so much when I went to the Baptist church as a child. I sort of finding it entertaining now and, although I’m still agnostic, I believe that if that type of message helps someone or gives them comfort, well so be it, more power to it, let’s dance! Oops. I don’t suppose I should mention dancing and Baptist in the same paragraph. I will provide an off-color Baptist joke from my young years of going to churches of that affiliation:

Q: Do you know why Baptists won’t do the dirty deed while standing up?
A: They’re afraid it will lead to dancing.

I’m sorry if that offends anyone. Not really.

Today or perhaps Monday I should be hearing about a job for which I applied. I also found a part-time job that had a really kick-ass hourly wage range for which I also applied. The only problem was I found the job while in the Texas Workforce Commission about two hours before the offices closed and the job announcement, for a federal job, closed at midnight the next a.m. So, I don’t know if I am sh*t-out-of-luck, s*it-on-a-shingle, or sh*t and Shinola as to my chances for that position.

I hope to be here next week and will accordingly keep those of you who give a sh*t informed.

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