If you need an attorney …

Had a relative run over by an airliner lately?

Your husband pounded by a pile driver?

Was your daddy’s job as a human cannonball abruptly ended by a short fuse?

F**king A**holes!

Hey now, Don’t cuss! Call us!

Wegner, Thereman, Fogel, Diddley and Fasbender to the rescue.

Yes friends. For more than 30 years our lawyers have turned

stingy employers upside down and shaken them until all their

money came free. (And their car keys too!)

It doesn’t matter if you are in Baltimore or Beaumont

San Antonio or Sandusky. Anchorage or Albany.

When you need a lawyer and need one fast, call

Milton Fasbender or one of the many attorneys

at Wegner, Thereman, Fogel, Didley and Fasbender.

We take the cases no one wants and win them.

*Not certified by any board of specialty nor any state bar association.


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