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Ah, a damn fine cup o’ joe it is. Too bad it’ll kill you dead.

Coffee is good for you. Coffee is bad for you. Coffee will make you live long and love longer. Coffee will make you impotent. Jeez Louise I can’t keep up with all scientific claims about what coffee may or may not do to your health. The latest says a little too much coffee and your ticker’s toast.

This most recent study was on a group of people in Costa Rica where I would think they drink the macho stuff, not all that crap that makes your coffee taste like chocolate and cream married then decided to consummate the nuptials right there in your cup.

I don’t know. You can read the article. You can read the study if you want. I don’t pay any attention to those studies anyway (I say as I find myself drinking herb tea). I think maybe the last study that I took note of was the one that said eating pork and drinking whisky every day will keep you in shape (in the shape of a drunken pig perhaps). All I’m saying is you might want to skip that second cup of coffee. Have a pork chop and a shot of Wild Turkey instead.

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