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My posts of the last couple of weeks have been short and/or somewhat goofier than usual. It being Friday, I thought I’d share what’s going on with EFD.

First and foremost affecting my output is money. I am currently without an aircard for my laptop and have no Internet access where I live, so I must use computers catch-as-catch-can at the library or at the Internet cafe until I can afford to get a new wireless plan.

My laptop itself is literally hanging on by a thread. A few pieces of structure came loose from where my monitor meets the rest of the machine. The computer still works but I am afraid to mess with it very much for fear of a catastrophic failure. And in order to attempt a way of shoring up the machine I will likely need money to give to my local computer mechanic.

The money situation is always precarious but more so these days. That is because I am in one of my most severe slow periods at work. This has to do with the workload and sometimes the workload is little to more little because of the nature of how my work is scheduled. My job, which is a part-time federal job, averages about 26 hours per week but seldom do I work the same number of hours per week so it can be quite challenging to survive financially. This is especially true in these times of economic insanity.

The computer situation — influenced greatly by the economic and fiscal situation — also impacts my other job as a freelance writer and thus means extra income is basically non-existent at the moment.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m just a po’ boy who is a couple of buns short of a sandwich. Things will not likely improve until I work more hours and get an infusion of cash, such as the economic stimulus the IRS said it will begin to send in May. In the meantime, you can still click the button above my blog roll if you see fit to contribute via Pay Pal. Have a great weekend, mine will be a very inexpensive one.

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