Iraq tired of too much of a good thing

It seems this crazy system on which I am working will only let me post to Blogger, not save, not link, not spell check, just post. So I must be brief.

Perhaps the biggest news today is that Iraqi officials have indicated it wants the U.S. to set a timetable for withdrawal as a condition of a security agreement. This comes after several years of American soldiers still not getting that barrage of welcoming as conquering heroes that Bush & Co. had predicted.

Of course, Bush doesn’t want a timed withdrawal because he wants us to stay in Iraq for eternity. Signs will say:

“Visit Iraq our 51st State.”

Bush wants to push democracy down the Iraqi throats, much like physicians in days past bled patients until they were almost without the stuff of life in order to keep their patients healthy.

“You will be a democracy or will go to bed without dinner,” says Gee Dubya.

Maybe Bush, once he leaves office, will run for governor of the 51state of Iraq.

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