Is this presidential race a dream.

So far I am not terrified at the prospect of John McCain becoming president. I hope he isn’t elected as our head of state because, as I have noted here before, he supports continuing the lunacy which was started under false pretenses by our CinC, Gee Dubya of Crawford, Texas, U.S.A. But McCain and I share opinions on other issues although to reiterate the war is a deal-breaker.

McCain said today that he thinks the war will be over soon “for all intents and purposes.” But I am not so sure that what he meant was “all infants and porpoises,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense I admit. After all, he is the straight talk guy, right?

My contention that I am not yet scared of McCain is conditional. He hasn’t been nominated yet and he hasn’t picked a Veep. In the interest of merely winning the election McCain could pick some real, scary f**kwad like Ann Coulter or Tom Tancredo or Oliver North.

Should McCain be the nominee as expected the Veep pick will be of more importance than in years past. Well, at least pre-Dick Cheney. Who knew he would really run things? But the import is obvious because McCain is a geezer and one who suffered mightily for his country in a stinking place known as the Hanoi Hilton. Thus, the vice presidential candidate under McCain as the nominee would need to be someone who wouldn’t screw up things and start zipping off nukes toward our imaginary enemies at the drop of a hat in the event McCain punches out that one last time while in office.

So, if McCain indeed is the GOP candidate I will wait to see who the pick for understudy will be before counting Big John as “relatively safe.” But make no mistake about it, I hope he isn’t elected. What I really hope is that I will wake up tomorrow and realize that this is all a big dream, that McCain, Obama and Hillary are not really running for president, and that all the picks on both sides who are running are benign. Fat chance of that, however, if Obama shows up in my town tomorrow as expected.

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