It doesn't look good

Some very sinister occurrences are taking place in newsrooms across the country, if you believe the likes of Katherine Harris and Bob Novak.

Remember Harris? She was the Florida secretary of state during the Election From Hell in 2000 and who looked rather … unique (If you can’t say something good about somebody …) Harris — now a congresswoman and who is running for U.S. Senate — said in a recent interview that newspapers “colorized” her photograph during those elections, which distorted her use of makeup. Those meanies!

I actually know what she is talking about. I used to write a newspaper column that was distributed nationally. I was not at all happy with the picture (below)that accompanied my column and suspect the mug was doctored.

Bob Novak, the conservative columnist who exploded the bullshit bomb last week on CNN, said his photo too had been altered. One might be dismissive of Novak’s claim because he is 120 years old. But alas, I did find a recent photo of Novak (below) and I am afraid it appears as if the newspapers might have done something to change the old man’s photograph.

When will it all end? Those liberal fools are messing with the one asset on which Harris, Novak (and I to a certain extent) have gotten by all these years, that being good looks. I can only say to you ruthless newspaper people out there, stop the madness, please!!!

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