It’s been raining a bit

No cats or dogs have been seen falling today during all the rain that has dumped here in Southeast Texas. Funny though, I did wake up to rain falling this morning after dreaming about a cat playing with a mouse. It was not playing, as in, playing before the cat snuffs the life out of the little mouse. They were playing. La la. And no it wasn’t Tom and Jerry. After that, I dreamed of a rushing river from which a deranged man ran from its edge shouting: “It’s a river of blood!” Now, mind you, after I woke up I wasn’t disposed to having those thoughts in my mind so I kept singing Fats Domino’s “Valley of Tears” within my head. The song finally went away. But my head exploded.

No tears here. It has been raining almost like it is supposed to around these parts. We only had about 33 inches of rain in all of last year, which was about half of our yearly rainfall average. We were around that amount prior to this rainy spell. I would like to see the yearly average return, at the end of year but not at the end of July! Hurricane season isn’t even broken in for the year yet. I don’t have to farm or work construction or fight fires, the latter as I once did, in the rain. I do have to get in and out of my car at work frequently and this can literally be a pain, even without the rain due to spinal craziness in my lower back, but with the rain it is as well a figurative pain.

Right now things are pretty dry, or at least there is no rain. But the weather service and even the never-wrong TV meteorologists say more rain and T-storms can return after midnight. As J.J. Cale wrote, and sang, as well as Eric Clapton recorded: “After midnight, we’re going to shake your tambourine.” Whatever.

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