It's beginning to look a lot like … December finally

Looks like we’re going to have to get another blue tarp from FEMA!
Right now it is still warm enough to wear shorts outside here in Beaumont, Texas, at least theoretically. But the 61 degrees is predicted to give way to a cold rain with a low in the morning of around 40 and it won’t warm up much all day. So says the weather service. These are the same folks who said Hurricane Rita would hit Corpus Christi. No wait, it’s going to hit Freeport. No wait, it’s going to hit Galveston. No wait, it’s going to hit Crystal Beach. And of course, it made landfall between Cameron, La. and Sabine Pass, Texas, then proceded to personally take aim at me.

I am just ribbing the National Weather Service for comic effect though. It’s hard to predict where a hurricane will land. It is also difficult to forecast winter weather in Texas, like getting kittens to march, if you will. It likewise is a big crapshoot guessing if we’re going to get any wintry precipitation here. I think it snowed here last year at Christmas. I was living in Waco, several hours to the northwest, at the time and it didn’t do squat.

After predominantly warm and hot weather since, I don’t know, maybe March or April, I look forward to a little blast of cold weather every once in awhile. I certainly don’t like anything protracted or crippling such as the ice storm we had here in 1997. No electricity for a week. After the hurricane I just as soon have electric power, thank you very much.

But it normally doesn’t get very cold here on the Texas coast. I like that. That is why I choose to live here rather than say, Madison, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.

Forecasters predict Friday morning will be the coldest weather here so far this fall with a low around 30. If you’re from the frozen north lands that’s not much, I know. A chance of rain exists through Sunday so it may be cold and rainy. Too much of it and I will fast become sick of it. But a little cold will be okay.

Oh, as for the photo caption. I am referring to the blue tarps that are so prominent throughout the Gulf coast, covering hurricane damage on roofs. A snow like that one and you would definitely need another blue tarp, perhaps even a new residence.

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