It's not over until the fat Congress sings

Excitement has been bountiful during the last week or so over Texas playing a part in picking a president. Of course, Texans always play some part in picking a president. It elected a Texan during the past two presidential elections, but forgive us of that trespass.

Lost in the hubub over Hillary v. Barack is the bigger picture come January 2009. That will be when the new president steps in and Gee Dubya will load up his U-Haul for Crawford or Highland Park or wherever it is he plans to live after the White House. For that — the words “Bush” and “after the White House” — I will be so grateful. But regardless whether President Obama takes that sacred oath or President Hillary Clinton or President John McCain we will still have to deal with that little group of men and women on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue known as Congress.

Unless change happens, meaning one party or the other elects more members in order to achieve a passable majority, we will be figuratively living in Deadlock City, U.S.A. If the present Democratic majority doesn’t increase sufficiently to do a little overriding and such, and if either Obama or Hillary is elected, I predict you will find the most do-nothing Congress in American history. That will especially be the case if we have another President Clinton. She’s the Anti-Christ to the GOPs, don’t you know?

So if Texas, Ohio and the other states voting today put Obama over the top, or put Hillary in a position where she may be finally sitting pretty, just remember it’s a long time from now until November. And it’s an even longer time until January. Then, we will have both a new president and Congress. Let’s just hope for the best, whatever that might be.

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