Jean Schmidt's secret life

You all remember U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, right? She is the one who got up on the floor of Congress awhile back and, in effect, called Marine and war veteran Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Penn., a coward because of his wanting U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq.

Well, I’ve been doing a little research on Rep. Schmidt.

Can you find Jean Schmidt in the picture? Hint: She is the one dressed as a cow.
It seems Jean is just a good old Republican gal who likes to go to county fairs when she isn’t out picketing abortion clinics. But the most interesting thing I found out about Jean?

Her previous career as an actress. She likes to play down her H-wood days. We can grasp why, what with all the simpering liberal do-gooders out there in Lalaland. But those of us who now know who she really is and have long been her biggest, No. 1, fans of Jean the actress can’t wait for her to get the political bug out of her system so she can once again thrill us on the silver screen.

“And your little dog too!”

What a gal that Jean!

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