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Sometimes I wonder about people who read blogs. EFD is something that I do more as a writer’s exercise and hobby than it is trying to reach some specific (or unspecific) audience. Those that read EFD do. Those that don’t …

I have mentioned before that I like my StatCounter but not so much for the recording of hits. Rather it allows me to have at least a general idea who is reading EFD. By using its visitor’s path I can tell where the visitor came from, what kind of computer was used, how long they stayed and what they were looking for on the search engine that sent them here. Pretty awesome, if not voyeuristic. Here is a sample of what people who end up at EFD are searching for:

From Singapore: “human spitoon.”

This person from Eau Claire, Wisc., had us confused with an Antarctic adventure movie: “Eight feet deep movie.”

From Aggieland, College Station, Texas, some one is searching for the ever popular: “Texas flag bikini.”

Someone from Vietnam perhaps is expecting to an second Sun to show up: “SUNBLOCK SPF80.”

Yes, we all are searching for something. Me? I’m searching for something to eat.

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