Let it snow, let it snow … No, let it rain, let it rain …

This morning’s agenda included catching up on some recently lost sleep.

Still, I woke about 7 a.m. or so, about the usual time to get up for work. But the waking was most likely due to the loud booms of thunder I heard outside, followed by the sound of rain. I immediate clutched my pillow, turned over and went back to sleep.

There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound of thunder and rain. It calms my soul “right quick like.” It’s like something in my brain which registers with an “Oh yeah, that’s just right.”

The rain lasted on and off throughout most of the day until it kind of slacked off this afternoon. The clouds, some of the dark and stormy-looking ones, nonetheless stuck around. A slight chance of rain is forecast for tonight with showers likely for the next couple of days. The days preceding Christmas might bring some showers although Christmas Day itself we’re in store for a bright, cool day.

We are still almost 30 inches below normal rainfall thanks to this long-hovering drought. We need more days like this one. Obviously we have to take what we get.

I love this climate much more than one which is bitter cold and an area left immobile from blizzard. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Why no, I would much rather have a wet Christmas. But I will settle for a bright, mild Christmas Day book-ended by rainy and stormy days that will move us closer to ending this dreaded drought.