Let the games begin

“Come on Sammy, sing me a little song. Camptown ladies sing this song … “
Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito began today in the Senate. I managed to catch some of the opening statements on C-Span and just a few minutes ago heard a few of the comments from viewers upon conclusion of today’s hearings.

As for impressions of Alito, I have none. It’s out of my hands. Let’s see what happens among the wise men and women of the Senate. (Sigh!) What I do marvel at is the quality of the C-Span listener responses. I don’t care much for the fact that the network divides up the phone lines for callers among Democrats, Republicans and Independents. But the calls appear to be significantly less filtered than those you hear on the partisan radio talk shows.

Host: Hello, Quincy, Massachusetts, on the Republican line. You’re on the air.
Caller: (Sound of beer bottles and noise from a bar)Yeah, I’d jesh like to say I looove that Juggh ‘lito. Hee’sh the cat’s meow. You know I once had a cat. It got stolen. (Sniff) Oh jeez, I loooved that cat. Puddin.’ Thash her name.

Host: Next caller. Grand Forks, Nebraska, on the independent line.
Caller: Hello?
Host: Yes, go ahead.
Caller: Hello. Am I on?
Host: Yes, go ahead.
Caller: Hello. I just want to say that I think the ice forming at the outer edge of the planet Zeerbon 4 presents a significant hazard for all who defend Borgon. Gravity need not restrain the plant people because Borgon will teleport them to the fringes of the Xerolin Galaxy where they may take that short ride to Zeerbon 4. It’s all in the guide.
Host: Do you have a comment about Judge Alito?
Caller: Judge Who?

Ah, it’s live television. It’s democracy in action. It’s wacko-packed C-Span. You got to love it.

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