Life at the red light, simply freaking amazing

Check this out.

I am driving east on Calder today and stopped for the light at Lucas. I engaged my signal for a right turn, ready to make a right on red. This, Yuppie, for lack of a better description, stopped in the southbound lane on Lucas. He made about a half turn into the westbound lane on Lucas, adjacent to me, then straightened up and drove south, passing in front of me. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

The driver — in an SUV — didn’t signal when he was about to turn left. I mouthed some words like “WTF” with a look of puzzlement on my face because he narrowly missed hitting my work car. The guy couldn’t have heard me, of course, since our windows were up. More importantly, he couldn’t  hear me because HE WAS TALKING ON HIS FREAKING CELL PHONE!

Adding insult with no physical injury, the guy FLIPPED ME OFF!

Talk about your gall. There it was. As the departed Richard Pryor might have said: “All unmitigated and s**t.”

Think about this.

The guy was talking on his cell phone and shoots me the finger with the hand that was on the steering wheel. How is that for driver agility?

I didn’t do anything wrong except staying put as one obeying traffic laws might do.

It isn’t like I flipped him off. I just kept my comments to myself.

Yet, Mr. Big Shot unleashes his anger toward me.

It leaves me stunned, astonished, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, flabbergasted, stupefied and so forth.