Lord please heal my hangnail

While waiting to see the 16-year-old girl who was masquerading as a doctor today at the VA, I watched Pat Robertson and his ever riveting “700 Club” on the waiting room TV.

I found it odd that the VA allows Pat Robertson to be seen on their teevees because it seems as if Pat and God (the dynamic duo)directly compete with the VA in the healing department. Okay, one might say Pat heals through God. Or that the VA heals through God. Or that God heals through Pat. Or that God heals through the VA. Or that God heals through a PPO with a $1,000 deductible. Six of one.

It has been awhile since I watched the “700 Club.” Okay, I never watched it before. But it was amazing what ailments that Pat allows to be healed through the power of prayer and corporate advertising. After praying for someone with a rare form of cancer, Pat said a prayer to get rid of some woman’s hangnail. I mean, it’s a nice gesture, praying to cast out evil hangnails but you’d think Pat would be involved with bigger things.

The truth is, I can’t ridicule someone’s beliefs when it comes to the power of prayer. For instance, I prayed that either I would be called to see a doctor or else the television would explode just as Pat prayed for God to relieve a 3-year-old’s “bobo.” Fortunately, I was called by the 16-year-old doctor before that happened. Praise be! It’s a mir-a-cul!

Pat shares his cooking tips along the way to help make your pancakes light and fluffy. Just like Moses made ’em!

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