May the bird of paradise be recognized

On the way to work this morning I toyed with the idea of calling the city and telling them the traffic light was out at North 11th Street and Interstate 10. My reluctance to do so is sort of like when the lights go out. You think about calling the power company but you figure someone else did so why waste your valuable time on the telephone?

Speaking of the lights going out, the reason was zapped bird, according to our local daily the Beaumont Enterprise.

And a great line appears in the end of that story, written by the Enterprise’s Dan Wallach:

“The bird was burned beyond recognition, (Entergy Texas spokeswoman Debi)Derrick said.”

Of course, unless the bird belonged to someone or a birder was inquiring, I don’t really know why the bird’s recognition would be all that pertinent. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful line and the kind I would use in a news story if I could get away with it.

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