Maybe our priorities need straightening

Well, I suppose I just could not get around, once again, all that is the screaming headlines of late about our nation “spying” on us, its citizens. Yes, I could have maybe written on my very hellish time spent dealing with a very vicious computer virus. As it is I get to do a two-fer.

First, on my computer virus, I swear this virus has left me paranoid. I dare not speak the name of this virus for fear it might be watching me or my computer. My fears have nothing to do with the U.S. spy agencies. But yet these viruses to seem to have every move figured out. Sometimes I wonder if some of these companies or individuals engaged in computer security are not behind these totally unnerving assaults against a computer that did no harm. I say again, my computer, my laptop hasn’t killed anyone unless it was while I was sleeping.

Computers don’t kill people — provided a box containing a computer and accessories does not fall on your head — people kill people. And no, I am not bringing that worn out phrase to carp about guns and whether they need controlling. Although, I will say at some point you will see some kind of controls, NRA or not. Sooner or later someone will outspend or out-maneuver these who would like the ability to buy any kind of gun that they can afford. The carnage daily, 5-6 people killed at a pop time. Eventually it will result in some control that will make those being proposed by Obama tame, which they are.

Back to leakage. My mind has edged over into two lines of thought about the leaks which some hacker who never graduated high school nor his GED pulled off and computer security issues which hacked me off following a virus.

Blockbuster classified information has now come from two low-level individuals on the U.S. security apparatus food chain. First, Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, and now a guy who left the Army after an accident and was an analyst with the CIA as well as a government contractor. What the hell? Why is access to such information made available to these guys in the first place?

Edward Snowden, the latest one to leak a ton of classified information might end up chasing the “babes” with Vladimir Putin, now that he divorced his wife,Lyudmila. I suggest the FBI find one Edward Snowden pretty damn fast. Give him a day in court. We can only deal with one skirt-chasing Russian at a time.

Whether either guy, Manning or Snowedn ever serves prison time is just something which will take its course.

Some want the death penalty for treason for people who do such as this. I am not so sure that is the best course though. No, I think the ones who really deserve hard time or get the needle are the bastards like the one who destroy people’s computers with viruses or whatever, of the type I battled all weekend. Give ’em no mercy! The pigs!

I suppose you might have figure out that I am a bit pissed about this whole virus thing.

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