Meaty Mondays: Chain pizza in Maryland

As restaurant chains go Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill at least does a credible imitation of your corner bar and grill.

The grill was where I headed last night after getting checked into my hotel in Bethesda. I had eaten there a couple of time when I last stayed here almost a year ago. As was the case then, the service this Monday evening was a little erratic. I ate in the bar and noticed the barkeep was having a difficult time juggling several balls in the air.

I had the individual Numero Uno which is their kitchen sink deep dish pizza. The filling in the pie — cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers — was delicious but was perched upon precious little crust.

Uno has a pretty welcoming atmosphere — albeit manufactured — and would be the kind of place friends would go for a pie and a couple of cold ones.

I might try to do a couple of other “Meaty Mondays” this week if I find some other eating places in the Greater District of Columbia Area that fickle my tancy. I mean, why shouldn’t I, I hardly do Meaty Mondays on Mondays.

Uno Chicago Grill
7272 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, Md. (or one near you in U.S., Saudi Arabia and South Korea)
Not too many $s

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