Media news: Paywall fever continues, live blogging and tweeting in court

Lately I have tried to keep up a bit more with media news. That is — should one find it difficult to differentiate similar terms — news about the media.

Several reasons exist why I am making an effort to follow the goings on of the country’s TV, radio, newspapers and Internet sites which deliver news. Primarily I do so because I have found myself freelancing for newspapers more than for other types of business since I departed my last full-time job some seven years ago. I suspect if something comes up I will still freelance for newspapers in the future unless I either find myself rich or I don’t write anymore. Both of those seem highly unlikely anytime soon as long as I am still able to put a word or two together.

But I admit I don’t read as many sites dedicated to journalism as I once did. I do read Romensko, which is linked here, fairly religiously. I don’t know whether “fairly religiously” would put me on par with what they used to call a “back row Baptist.” I also couldn’t tell you if they still use that term. Likewise, I also read the Poynter Media Wire. It is e-mailed to me every day and took up where Romensko left off. That is when he was aggregating media news while still affiliated with Poynter Institute.

Here are a couple of stories that piqued my interest today that I gleaned from one or more of these sites. They might be of interest to a passing reader here for one reason or the other, or not. But, if you like these and you know it slap your ham, or whatever it is you do for a show of approval.

Paywall fever. Something I don’t relish even with a hot dog.

More sad paywall news from the Windy City. Makes you want to go butcher hogs.

Great advice to those who lurk on street corners hawking their papers. Don’t be a click whore.”

Here is some interesting news about media access to the Jerry Sandusky trial. Live blogging and tweeting. Just don’t tweet too loudly.