Mental problems

A study by U.S. Army psychiatrists has found that 20 percent of active duty soldiers in Iraq and 42 percent of National Guard and reserves who served there are suffering from mental health problems. The report confirms earlier studies that soldiers in droves were coming home from Iraq with PTSD and other mental problems.

This is troubling especially in light of a investigation CBS News that a suicide “epidemic” was taking place among veterans, especially those returning from Iraq.

Not surprising, the Department of Veterans Affairs told CBS that “ongoing” work is being done on a study of veterans who kill themselves. The VA didn’t have that kind of data, according to a top VA official. CBS reporters had to get their numbers from the 50 individual states.

Maybe the VA will one day conclude their so-called ongoing study then perhaps they might make a dent in preventing vet suicides. But if you are waiting for the VA to save the life of a loved one, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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