Merry Christmas to all

Charles the Christmas Tiger says: “Remember only you can prevent smoky bears.”
A few regular readers of this blog are long-time friends: Sally (what 30 years?) and Suzie (25 years). Just the fact that they have put up with me for that long are pure indicators of deep friendship. Anyway, I have already extended private Christmas wishes to those long-time friends.

I want to extend my holiday wishes to those new (mostly virtual but not all)friends who check in from time-to-time just to see what kind of bulls**t I’m spouting today. I really am grateful for StatCounter because it lets me see that people from all over the world sneak a peek at EFD. Why? I don’t know. I really don’t. Just in the last 24 hours I have had visitors from South Africa, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Egypt and Canada, Oh Canada! To whomever that stops by, my best wishes for a great holiday season and a great 2006.

I also want to extend greetings to those who have linked me to their blogs: Nate at Common Sense, Karl from the UK who writes the cheerfully-named It’s All About Waiting to Die, and to Ben at The Benquirer. The Benquirer, by the way, is absolutely hilarious. It’s left-of-center satire and very, very funny.

With all this worldly love I’m sending out here I’m about to break out in a verse of the O’Jays “Love Train” and you certainly don’t want to hear me do that. So run along now, go and open your presents!

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